How many veneers do i need top and bottom?

Some patients may choose not only to have 8 or 10 upper veneers, but also lower veneers. The number of lower veneers chosen depends again on the problems present and the final appearance desired by the patient. Many patients often choose to have only 4 veneers. The first thing to do is look in the mirror and smile.

Then, count how many teeth show when you smile naturally. Let's say the number is 4 and 4 of your front upper teeth are crooked. In this situation, your cosmetic dentist may recommend 4 veneers, as they are visible when you smile. If dental veneers are an excellent treatment option to improve your smile, they will be made of realistic and durable porcelain, and will never stain.

If porcelain veneers will be part of your treatment plan, you will decide how many veneers you want, based on the aesthetic and health condition of your teeth and how many teeth are shown when you smile. For example, some patients have a wider smile where more dental veneers may be needed to restore a smile. Whether you're looking for traditional porcelain veneers or looking for a thinner veneer option (such as DuraThin veneers) (you can read more about both here), it's important to know a few things. In fact, many patients who want veneers come to us with exactly the concern that they want to make sure their veneers look beautiful, while at the same time maintaining a natural and balanced look.

If there is a case of dental trauma to a single tooth, then a single veneer may be all that is needed.

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