8 Signs You Need to Replace Your Dental Veneers

Having dental veneers placed by qualified cosmetic dentists, such as those at The Dental Boutique, means you can expect them to last a long time. Although not immortal, veneers are considered a permanent accessory and could last 10 to 30 years if properly cared for. However, there are certain signs that indicate it's time to replace your veneers. The average lifespan of a dental veneer is 10 years, but that time period can be extended to 20 years with proper care and treatment.

If you've had your veneers for more than 10 years, it's important to be aware of the signs that indicate it's time for a replacement. Here are 8 signs that you need new veneers:

  • Splinters, cracks or other types of damage to veneers
  • Cavities or damage to the underlying dental structure
  • Lifting of the veneer from the tooth surface
  • Staining or discoloration of dental veneers
  • Recession of the gums exposing the root structure underlying
  • Darkening of the cement used to attach the veneer
  • Stains that don't go away despite deep brushing
  • Loose veneers or spaces between the veneer and gum line
If any of these signs are present, it's important to visit a dentist as soon as possible. If these 8 signs you need new veneers helped you realize you need new porcelain veneers, our Irvine cosmetic dentists at Rice Dentistry are here to help. We will evaluate your current veneers and create custom veneers to replace them.

Contact our dental office at (94 551-5902) to schedule an appointment today.Having dental veneers placed by qualified cosmetic dentists is an investment in your smile and overall oral health. It's important to be aware of the signs that indicate it's time for a replacement so you can maintain your beautiful smile for many years to come.

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