Do Veneers Cause Long-Term Damage?

Veneers are a popular form of cosmetic dentistry that can be used to hide imperfections and alter the size and shape of teeth. While there are some potential long-term effects associated with veneers, these are minimal when the procedure is carried out by an experienced cosmetic dentist. Misaligned veneers can lead to chipping and cracking, while rough edges and overhangs can also cause damage. However, as long as you take care of your veneers, they will not harm your natural teeth in any way.

At Burkburnett Family Dental, we often get asked if porcelain veneers ruin your teeth. The answer is no - porcelain veneers do not ruin your teeth. In fact, they can be used to improve the appearance of your smile in just two visits. The porcelain veneer procedure is non-invasive, but it does require some enamel to be removed from the surface of the teeth in order for the veneers to fit properly.

This is an irreversible process, but it is very rare for someone to want their veneers removed. Cavities can still form under and around the veneer if it is not installed properly or if you neglect your dental hygiene. Before committing to veneers with a dental professional, ask to see before and after photos of other patients' smile changes to get an idea of the dentist's aesthetic abilities. Overall, porcelain veneers are a safe and effective way to improve the appearance of your smile without causing any long-term damage to your teeth.

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